Gym Class Heroes Concert Review

The Mullins Center was alive with the sounds of hundreds of screaming college students last night at the Gym Class Heroes concert. The band, a four-piece hip-hop/rock group from New York, blew the crowd away with their energetic and controversial performance. A performance packed with sexual overtones and among other things, multiple braziers thrown on stage by a pack of overexcited girls in the audience.

As kids filed into the Mullins and gathered around the stage, the music of DJ Abilities, one of the informal openers for Gym Class Heroes, filled the air. He spun some rap/hip-hop beats for the crowd's listening enjoyment while they waited, which proved very successful as the floor in front of the stage was turned into an impromptu night club.

After departing, DJ Abilities was soon followed by the opening act, The Pack, who emerged onto the stage complete with sunglasses and chains around their necks. Their set was entertaining, full of audience participation and attempted sing-alongs. Although their song lyrics were somewhat repetitive, they really got the anxious crowd pumped-up and ready for the band everyone was waiting for.

Directly after the Pack finished playing, yet another band called Tyga stormed rather unexpectedly onto the stage, shouting random, inaudible greetings into their microphones. Their set was similar to that of the previous act, except with two less members and no sunglasses.

Travis McCoy, lead singer of Gym Class Heroes, later explained that one of the members of Tyga was his younger cousin, which might explain why they were the band to play directly before the headliners.

Gym Class Heroes' set was nothing short of astounding. They charged onto the stage with flags waving, to boisterous screams of excitement. The band dove right into their first song, "New Friend Request" which drew an energetic and surprisingly involved response from the audience. The screams grew even louder when Travis incorporated "UMass" into a couple of the songs.

It was evident from anyone standing in the area in front of the stage, or in the seats surrounding it, that this band knows how to put on an entertaining live show. Not only did Travis integrate the crowd into his between-song-banter as much as possible, but he even singled people out to make a point, in a way of introducing some of the band's songs.

Before beginning the insanely popular and catchy "Cupid's Chokehold," McCoy pointed out a girl in the crowd and asked if she had a boyfriend. When the girl responded negatively, the singer proceeded to say "well you will after this song!" It was comments such as those that made this band's live performance so enjoyable to watch. It was also very clear that everybody in that arena agreed because the dancing never stopped, along with the ceaseless energy of the band.

Gym Class even kept it interesting by signing their version of a Beach Boys song, "Good Vibrations" off their 1966 album "Smiley Smile." Before beginning the song, Travis explained that "this is not your conventional cover song," which was made obvious by the fresh, hip/hop style take they put on it. It was surprisingly well done and even had some kids singing along, which was even more shocking.

Another crowd favorite seemed to be "The Queen and I" which is the first track off of the bands sophomore album, "As Cruel as School Children." The floor turned into a dance party during this song. There was not an idle body in the whole place, as the energy poured out of the crowd and band alike.

The facial expressions of the band during their set were enough to run that show alone. The drummer, bassist and guitarist kept smiles permanently plastered on their faces from beginning to end, while Travis stuck out his tongue, winked, and scrunched up his face more times than anyone could count.

At the end of Gym Class Heroes' last song, as McCoy was closing out the set and making his finishing remarks, multiple bras got thrown on stage directly in front of the dumbfounded vocalist. He stopped mid-sentence, flashed a broad smile to the screaming girls who were obviously the owners of the undergarments, and proceeded to finish out the set with the bras draped around his shoulders as the band departed from the stage.

After the band made the audience squirm for all of 30 seconds for an encore, the boys came striding back onto the stage for one last song, their most popular to date, "Clothes Off!"

From beginning to end, the concert was beyond entertaining and an overall success for all of the bands on the lineup. Gym Class Heroes really pulled through, and lived up to their high standards of an outstanding, energetic live performance full of sexual innuendo and unexpected surprises.

By Michelle Abbasciano, Collegian Correspondent

Binghamton University to host GCH

Gym Class Heroes will perform at 7 p.m. Oct. 7 in the West Gym at Binghamton University in Vestal. They will be joined by other up and coming bands, including The Pack. Doors open at 6 p.m.; tickets are $10 for registered students and $17 for the general public.

By Hannah Maria Hayes

MTV Video Music Awards Backstage

Members of the band pose for photos backstage at the VMA.

GCH celebrate as they win the "Best New Artist" award at the party suites, during the VMA in Las Vegas.

Gym Class Heroes US Upcoming Shows

18 - Columbus, OH - Schottenstein Center
19 - Grand Rapids, MI - Delta Plex
20 - Chicago, IL - Allstate Arena
21 - Champaign, IL - Assembly Hall
23 - Austin, TX - Frank Erwin Center
24 - Dallas, TX - Nokia Live
26 - Oklahoma City, OK - Ford Center Arena
27 - Memphis, TN - Mud Island Amphitheatre
28 - New Orleans, LA - Voodoo Music Experience*
30 - Jacksonville, FL - Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena
31 - Miami, FL - Jackie Gleason Theatre

1 - Orlando, FL - UCF Arena
2 - Orange Beach, AL - Amphitheater at the Wharf
3 - Atlanta, GA - Gwinnett Center
4 - Clemson, SC - Little John Coliseum
6 - Nashville, TN - Nashville Municipal Auditorium
7 - Roanoke, VA - Roanoke Civic Center
9 - Lowell, MA - Tsongas Arena
10 - Bridgeport, CT - Arena at Harbor Yard
11 - Fairfax, VA - Patriot Center
13 - Philadelphia, PA - Wachovia Spectrum
14 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden
16 - Ottawa, ON - Scotia Bank Place
17 - London, ON - John Labatt Center
18 - Rochester, NY - Blue Cross Arena
20 - Auburn Hills, MI - The Palace at Auburn Hills
21 - Cedar Rapids, IA - US Cellular Arena
23 - Denver, CO - Magness Arena
24 - Rio Rancho, NM - Santa Ana Star Center
25 - Glendale, AZ - Arena
27 - Long Beach, CA - Long Beach Arena
29 - San Jose, CA - Event Center at San Jose State Univ.

1 - San Diego, CA - San Diego Sports Arena
2 - Las Vegas, NV - The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

GCH to Perform at Stabler Arena

Gym Class Heroes will perform at Stabler Arena on September 28th 2007. The group’s most recent success was receiving the Best New Artist award at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards.

Colin McLeod, ’08, co-music director for University Productions, said it takes a lot of work to get bands like Gym Class Heroes to perform here at Lehigh. “Lehigh was able to get such a high-profile band as a result of working with a production company over the summer,” McLeod said. Lehigh works with production company More Music, which finds shows coming to the area that are within the university’s budget.

Gym Class Heroes is part of the Verizon tour. As sponsor of the tour, Verizon subsidizes the event to make it more affordable for schools. Other artists performing at the concert are The Pack and Tyga. The Pack is a rap group from San Francisco. Tyga is also a rapper.

Recently, Gym Class Heroes has experienced escalating success. The single “Cupid’s Chokehold/Breakfast in America” reached No. 4 on the Billboard Top 100 chart. The group’s album “As Cruel as School Children” made the Billboard Top 200 and the European Top 100.

Their first album, “For the Kids”, was self-released in 2001. The band started to gain recognition after the 2003 release of “The Papercut Chronicles” which caught the attention of Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz. In 2004, he asked them to join his Fueled by Ramen Records imprint, Decaydence. Since being signed to Decaydence, Gym Class Heroes has performed at several major venues and festivals, including the South by Southwest Music Conference and Festival and Warped Tour. They also opened for Gwen Stefani on her Sweet Escape Tour in New Zealand and Australia in July and August of this year.

This fall, Gym Class Heroes will be part of the Young and Wild Things Tour, which will be headlined by Fall Out Boy. Other bands on the bill include Plain White T’s and Cute is What We Aim For.

The group is often compared to artists such as Atmosphere, Kanye West and Prince. Some Lehigh students said they are looking forward to the upcoming concert. “I’m really excited; it’s good that they’re coming,” McLeod said. “They’re a happening band right now. They’re getting a lot of exposure recently. They’ve been touring for three years, and I’ve seen them live, and I know that they put on a really good show.”

Tickets for the concert are $10 for Lehigh students with a limit to four tickets per ID. For non-Lehigh students, tickets are $12.50. Tickets are on sale at Ulrich Student Center and the University Center from 12 p.m. until 2 p.m. on weekdays. They are also available in the bookstore. The doors will open at 7 p.m., and the show begins at 8 p.m. Buses will run to and from Stabler Arena to Asa Packer Campus to transport students to the concert.

By Lehigh University's Student Newspaper

"Graduation" outselled "Curtis" by 437,000 on day one!

Kanye West looks set to win the closely watched duel with rival rapper 50 Cent for the No. 1 slot on next week's U.S. pop album chart, according to preliminary sales data issued Wednesday.

West's "Graduation" sold an estimated 437,000 copies during its first day of release Tuesday, ahead of 310,000 for 50 Cent's "Curtis" and 107,000 for country star Kenny Chesney's "Just Who I Am: Poets and Pirates," according to a new "Building Chart" devised by tracking firm Nielsen SoundScan.

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Gym Class Heroes Won the "Best New Artist" award at the MTV Video Music Awards

Gym Class Heroes and pop punk/emo-rock band Fall Out Boys rocked out with the single "Clothes Off" at the VMA ceremony. The "Best New Artist" award was awarded to the group instantly after that. It was presented to Gym Class Heroes by Jaime Fox and Jennifer Garner who both promoted their new film "Kingdom".

Vote for "Clothes Off" on TRL

Tour Dates

09.22.2007 - Street Scene - San Diego, CA
09.23.2007 - Street Scene - San Diego, CA
10.18.2007 - Value City Arena at Jerome Schottenstein Center Columbus, OH
10.20.2007 - Allstate Arena - Chicago, IL
10.24.2007 - Nokia Theatre at Grand Prairie - Grand Prairie, TX
10.26.2007 - Ford Center - Oklahoma City, OK
11.01.2007 - UCF Arena - University of Central Florida Arena - Orlando, FL
11.09.2007 - Paul E. Tsongas Arena - Lowell, MA
11.10.2007 - Arena at Harbor Yard - Bridgeport, CT
11.14.2007 - Madison Square Garden - New York, NY

Entertainment - Hip hop animations and graphics.

An Interview with Travis Mccoy

Cupid’s Chokehold has been in the charts for months. Are you fed up with it?
I’m getting fed up with it. It’s just one of those things. All artists get bored with their material, it’s what keeps them creative. At the same time, you have to keep people happy. I’m sure sooner or later people will get as sick of it as we are.

You were together for almost ten years before you started having hits. Did you nearly give up?
No, my body’s totally covered with tattoos so I had no other choice but to become a rock star. There was no way I could get a real job.

How did you pay the bills?
I was a tattoo artist. I mainly did graffiti stuff, I was into it as a kid and that’s the kind of tattoo artwork I do.

What’s your favourite tattoo?
A portrait of myself on my right arm. It’s a picture of me when I was in second grade. I had it done about six years ago.

What’s the weirdest promotional thing you’ve done?
It was for Japanese TV, their shows are f***ing insane. They have like live cartoon shows, it looks like it’s a video game but it’s actually people. The weird thing is they show all this crazy s*** but they won’t show pubic hair. I don’t get it. Anyway, I had to send a verbal love letter to someone who inspires me. I had to say: ‘Dear so and so’ and then why they inspired me and then end with: ‘love from Travis.’ I did it to Daryl Hall [of Hall & Oates] as he’s my most favourite guy in the world. Luckily, they didn’t make me do it in Japanese.
What’s the worst gig you’ve ever done?
We’ve been the black sheep playing shows with metal bands, with the crowd shouting: ‘What the hell is this s***?’We’ve never run away from anything or compromised to make a crowd happy. We played a show in Manchester with Fall Out Boy. I don’t normally let hecklers get to me but for some reason these pair of kids were being really persistent and making gestures. At the end of the show, I walked through the crowd and found them. I’m 6ft in and more than 200lb, so they were scared s***less. I just said: ‘Dude, you paid money to be here, if you don’t like it go and have a beer and come back to see the band you wanted to see later.’ The best bit was when I pretended I was going to hit one of the kids and instead kissed his cheek. The crowd went apes***. That was one of my more rock star moments.

What’s been your most extravagant purchase?
I have a really bad sneaker habit. Nikes are my favourite. I have a pair called the Houston Allstars. There were only 25 pairs made and I have one. People are willing to pay $6,000 (£3,000) for them. It’s stupid but I have them.

What’s your best chat-up line?
Anyone else who is remotely successful would use their band to chat up the ladies. Not me. I have this crazy look where I lift up one eyebrow. Then I pick my nose and wipe it on the girl. It usually works for me.

It’s a risky strategy isn’t it?
Yeah, it super-risky. I’ve been slapped, I’ve been spat at but I’ve also ended up making passionate love. If you find a girl who smiles or who is into that line then you’ve found a keeper.

What excuses did you use to get off PE at school?

The s***s always work. No one wants a kid in their class who is going to s*** themselves. If you do a real smelly fart and then tell the coach you think you might be having an accident, he’ll let you off. Or go one step further and s*** your pants. I didn’t use it much. My teachers knew I didn’t care about class. I just spent time writing songs and drawing pictures and they let me do what I wanted.


Rapper Plies Received an Ozone Award

Plies won an Ozone Award in the Best Rap/RnB Collaboration category for "Shawty". A single featuring T-Pain. The event was hosted by the comedian and Ozone magazine columnist Roland Powell. It will be on the air on MTV Jams during the Labor Day weekend.